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Tricia was born on a cold rainy Wednesday evening in 1918. She was born to a wealthy aristocrat in Northern Ireland and lived the high life teaching others to make beer. She married a Scottish prince and moved to Edinburgh when she was 18. The couple had quadruplets naturally. Tricia was struck with scarlet fever when she was 22. On her death bed she vowed to come back in another life.

Tricia was born on a sunny Thursday morning in 1955. She was born to a homeless woman on the streets of New Delhi. At five she was sold to a wealthy man to be his wash-girl. She lived a relatively unhappy life until one day she traded a stolen plate on the black market. In return for this plate she received a dusty old ring. She polished the ring and took it to a pawn shop. She sold it for over 50 million rupees and became a millionaire. She was hit by a donkey and died. She vowed in her last moments to return in another life.

Tricia was born on a hot Wednesday morning in 1986. She was born to a middle-class family in Virginia and grew up with a lot of happy memories with family and friends. She attended college in her hometown where she studied miscellaneous pointless subjects and obtained a degree in Communication Studies. She now works in television.


laughing, movies, photography, traveling, drinking, watching cooking shows, crochet and knitting, plucking my eyebrows.